What if you could have it all?
A life without confines or boundaries, of abundant possibilities and limitless opportunity.
Freedom in your own skin, embracing your truest, inner self and KNOWing that you belong.
Come play with me in the light and shadow, as I take you beyond your wildest dreams.
With Love,



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Mariko coaches individuals and
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Mistress Persephone Rose


Mistress Mariko is a phenomenal life coach and has been instrumental in helping me change my relationship with not only money, but with my own body and mind. I have talked to so many professionals about some of my very specific issues and in response I have gotten everything from blank stares to sheer looks of abject horror. As someone who was once the sort of patient that caused therapists to need therapy, I really appreciate how incredibly sympathetic Mistress Mariko is. She really takes the time to LISTEN to where I'm coming from without jumping to conclusions about what I'm trying to say, read more